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Jemjar lets independent cafes, restaurants, and shops give you valuable crypto-rewards called Jems.

Our Vision

We’re all for crypto here at Jemjar. So we figured – let’s get everyone involved by making owning it as easy as buying a coffee!

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who offers Jems

Use our app to find venues using Jemjar. Just show your phone to collect your Jems!

Tell all your friends

Earn more Jems when the friends you refer get on board. You get paid every time they do!

Collect and watch your Jems grow

Just like in the ‘real’ world, Jems are precious. The earlier you start collecting them, the greater the possible return.

open your Jemjar!

You can trade your Jems out for Ether any time. Start collecting today!

Get started for free!

Let’s build a new, fair, and truly valuable customer reward ecosystem!

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